Workshops & Facilitation

Space & Place Choir 2, 2006Santha’s skill in facilitation is to put participants at ease, stepping them through carefully devised processes that accomodate different learning styles. Her approach gives people a platform to participate and allows their creativity to flourish.

From Community Planning to networking events, singing and movement workshops, Santha applies years of experience working with diverse communities of all abilities, to bring out people’s best.


Santha is developing a reputation as an engaging and dynamic facilitator, connecting people, navigating Council processes and helping communities build a vision for a more sustainable future. She can develiver workshops based on a brief, or devise them in collaboration with stakeholders.


All workshops are designed for those who consider themselves singers and those who don’t.

  • Repertoire is selected for its capacity to touch the spirit, without being overtly spiritual.
  • Songs are taught by ear with a focus on fun and active participation.

Free Your Mind & Your Voice Will Follow – For those that think they can’t!

A 1 to 1.5 hour workshop incorporating relaxation, meditation, soundscape and the learning of simple songs with up to three part harmony. Appropriate in school, health and corporate settings, this workshop often produces a choir that is flashmob ready.

Can be followed by a flashmob style performance in an appropriate environment.


  • Numbers: From 15 to 150 people
  • Venue: Large enough to accommodate the size of the group while standing in one or two (for larger groups) circles.
  • A seat for every participant
  • Access to water and toilets
  • Ideally the space will be fully accessible
  • Ideally the space has sound acoustics (eg isn’t in a boomy space like a basketball court)

The Big Sing – Get Your Conference Moving!

A workshop designed to give conference delegates a break from concentrating on content and an opportunity to create harmony together.

Does your conference explore notions of collaboration, creativity and/or wellbeing? This workshop, and the above one (Free Your Mind), will sit comfortably as a conference item to be experienced physically.

If you are looking for a team building, playful activity that increases delegates’ capacity to engage with conference content, then consider hosting a Big Sing at the start or in the middle of the conference to increase blood flow to the brain, aid concentration and facilitate spontaneous interaction between participants.

This workshop can be held in an auditorium or any central conference space and ideally runs from 10 – 20 mins maximum.


  • Microphone / amplification
  • Projector / laptop (or we can provide the laptop)

Music, Movement & Mind

An uplifting workshop that connects breath with awareness, body with mind and joy with movement. Participants explore the boundaries of their ability using accessible improvisation and focusing techniques inspired by music gathered from across the globe. Suitable for groups of 5 – 30.


  • Access to power for playback
  • Clear venue large enough to accommodate group size
  • Carpeted or encourage participants to bring a yoga mat or blanket
  • Participants to wear loose, comfortable clothing
  • Access to water and toilets

Cross Cultural Music & Movement Incursions

The above workshops can also be offered with African drumming and dance facilitated by Ghanaian master drummer and educator, Kofi Kunkpe (

Start your team building with a one hour singing workshop, where simple African repertoire will be taught, then later in the day host an all in drum, dance and singing workshop.

Experience tells us that those who have taken the step to freeing themselves to participate during the singing workshop, will throw themselves more vigorously in to drumming and dancing, offering another opportunity to take a leap in to the unknown as part of a cross cultural immersion like no other!

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